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About Huntington MMJ Card Doctor

Welcome to Huntington MMJ card doctor – your trusted medical marijuana recommendation service provider in West Virginia!

Our top priority is to provide West Virginia residents with a hassle-free way to get their medical marijuana recommendation. We understand that medical marijuana can improve your quality of life, and we want to be your trusted partner on your journey to wellness.

As licensed 420 MMJ Doctors, we understand that each patient has unique needs and medical history. That’s why we are dedicated to offering you a medical marijuana recommendation based on your health conditions.

When you get your medical marijuana card from us, you can rest assured that we follow all state laws and regulations to make the process of getting your MMJ card hassle-free and easy.

Let us be your trusted and compassionate partner on the journey to wellness! Contact us today and let our compassionate team help you achieve your medical marijuana recommendation.

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Mission & Vision

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Increased Access to All

We’re on a mission to reach even the remotest part of the state and help patients relieve their chronic conditions with medical marijuana. With an online platform, the restraints of distance and time can no longer limit us.

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Making it Mainstream

In today’s society, cannabis is slowly becoming mainstream and becoming recognized as an alternative treatment. This treatment will soon be available to all those who could benefit from it.

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A Clinic You Can Trust

With our online virtual consultation services, you can obtain a medical marijuana recommendation without leaving your comfort zone, since we understand your discomfort.

With our HIPAA compliant platform and strong ethics, we ensure your privacy is respected. We are committed to simplifying the process for our patients.